Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Play...

My co-op class, the co-op that did Beauty is a Beast (see post Co-op Play), is performing another play. This time it is a 45-60 minute version of The Comedy of Errors. Here's the catch...I play Egeon...Those of you who have read the play should know why that is...what's the word?'s just say...difficult, could-be-embarrassing, funny, and odd...I can already hear your laughs in my mind! :) For those of you who haven't read the play, you're just going to have to come and watch a performance to find out why that's so ridiculous (or you could use the amazing thing called Google to find out!).

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have another nephew! Baby Elijah was born in December last year. Allie and him are both doing well and Gideon is super cute with his little brother. I might put some pictures up, but as you all know it will take me a while before I actually publish them!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...Webcam Pictures....

Funny, random pictures......

Yes, I give you permission to laugh at me...:)

I think that Gideon is trying to slap my computer right there...

More permission to laugh...

"Hoist the sail maties!"

Friday, August 27, 2010

A New School Year...

Yes, summer is ending...but a new school year is beginging! This year, I'm excited for my studies--except for math...and maybe science. I am taking a literature and a history class that are intertwined, a writing class (harder than last year), and drama and art (but they aren't full classes because they only meet twice a month with little homework). I am especially excited for the literature and history classes because my sister took the literature class last year and loved it. :) I can't wait to go back-to-school shopping!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Poll...Finally...

Wow. I had that American Idol poll up for waaaay too long! Soooooo, I finally got it down and put up a new one...please give your opinion! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


Wow. I can't believe that summer is coming to an end. I have enjoyed this summer greatly. It started with Katie's birthday (she is now SIXTEEN!) , my birthday (I'm now fourteen), and Allie's birthday (she's...well, she is an adult so I won't tell you how old she is :). Those were all happy days. Then, I went to a family reunion. It was a blast including boating, tubing, swimming, talking, playing games with my cousins, and eating. I had soooo much fun! Next, my mom and Katie went to Alaska. They were gone for five days in total, leaving the kids and Dad here... Katie and Mom had a lot of fun in Alaska, and the rest of us had fun here-watching movies and TV shows, eating ice cream, cleaning the house, priming the attic trim , eating at Famous Dave's, and playing games. :) Lately, I have been enjoying the pool in our backyard and getting together with friends. It has been a great summer!

Monday, May 31, 2010

........I don't have a good title...:P

Hey everybody,

I don't really feel like writing about anything that is going to take a lot of time, such as writing about a bird flying into our car, a clown cup that I made in art class, or about how my play went. Those posts may come later, but I wanted to write a quick entry, so that all of my loyal readers don't think that I'm dead. Or figure that some tragedy has occurred in my family. I'm fine (a bit tired of school, but fine), and hopefully, during the summer, I will take the time to sit down and update!

Actually, I think that I can quickly update you on the play. We performed on May 8 and it went pretty smoothly! My dad lovingly recorded the event, and my friend also gave me a copy, so its well documented if anyone would like to come over and see it sometime! :)