Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girls Night!

Hey everybody! So sorry that I didn't post for so long! Well, back on subject, my mom, Katie and I all had a little date on Tuesday. We went to Culver's and the to the movies and saw 'Marley and Me'! Here are some pictures:

Katie taking a picture of herself in the car on the way there. :)

My mommy about to devour a huge fry!

There IS a story behind this.....My writing teacher, Mrs. Brekke, taught us to 'think between the buns' when writing a paragraph. She said that the top and bottom sentences are like buns on a hamburger. She told us that the next time we go to McDonald's we could pull apart our burgers and say "Hey mom, I'm thinking between the buns!" then we'd have to wipe off the ketchup and stuff from our faces! I know, she is a funny teacher!

My dessert that came FREE with my kids meal!
I asked if Katie and I could get toppings and they
let us!