Monday, July 6, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER! I have not taken the time to write and publish. Well, right now Scott (brother) and Emily (sister-in-law) are in MN! It has been so fun. We have gone swimming in our nice pool twice with them, grilled and BBQed many times, and enjoyed hanging out with them VERY much! All of this goes to say that it is TERRIBLE that they have to leave tomorrow. :( Oh, well. We got them for a really long time (they were in town since Tuesday evening) and as I said before, its been a lot of fun! Also, last week I turned 13. I know, it seems so old! I had a wonderful birthday! The night before it I slept over at a friend's house, then we went home, had Mexican pizza for lunch, played around a bit, ordered Papa John's pizza for dinner, opened gifts (which were wonderful) and then ate a cute ice cream cake that my mom and sister made! I then got to go back to that same friend's house after all that celebration. By the way, one of the many gifts I received was a friendship bracelet kit! Katie and Allie also had birthdays. Katie is now 15 and Allie is 22! Wow, everyone is growing up! Well, there you have it, an update from Daddy's Princess on some of what has been going on in her busy life. Here are some pictures of Gideon and other things:

He is soooooo adorable!

A little baseball smile!

"Hey gals what's up?"

I know this picture looks random among pictures of my
adorable nephew, but it's kinda funny! I think it was
taken on Allie's birthday. They are blaming each other
for shooting something towards my dad. BOYS! :O